The Good Time Guide is a subscribed to leisure and entertainment Guide currently located in Surrey. When you sign up for the service we provide you with two products.


  1. We post you a little orange card, unsurprisingly, called The Good Time Guide Offer Card. This will then find a home in your wallet ready for use when you see fit.

    This card gives you access to a variety of discounts on offer throughout Surrey. Unlike other discount cards we don’t just focus on eating out offers - we will give you offers to access restaurants, bars & pubs, cinemas & theatres, gyms, family activities, hotels, shops, spas the list goes on. All offers are a minimum value of 20% with many being much higher. Offers can be found under the 'Offer' tab of this site but we also email them to you directly every Monday.

  2. In addition to the above we also send you The Good Time Guide Weekly every Friday via email.

    This delightful ditty of information will provide you with leisure and entertainment ideas for the following seven days. We love finding the best and often un-championed activities your home county has to offer. Be it a new pop up restaurant or Llama trekking with friends (yes really) we will suggest it to you. You can take a look at the current weekly by selecting the 'Weekly' tab at the top of the website.



Once you have decided that we have charmed you enough to part with you hard earned cash simply visit our subscription page.

The annual subscription fee is £9.99 which, when you consider the saving we will bring to your social life, and the Llama Trekking of course, we hope you will agree is a great price. In fact it works out at just 19p per week which we think is pretty AMAZING. Anyhow, once you are subscribed the following will happen:


  1. You receive a temporary offer card via email that is valid for two weeks. This allows you to use your subscription straight away.
  2. You will then receive your welcome pack and Offer Card within that week which will replace your temporary card.
  3. To use your card you simply show it when you attend the venue where you wish to use it. Make sure you mention it at the start of your visit and also check before hand for any T’s & C’s that may be relevant. Some venues like you to mention the card on booking but if so this will be mentioned in the T’s & C’s. It really is that simple, no swiping, no data transfer, no printing out of voucher.
  4. Finally, we will start sending you The Good Time Guide Weekly every Friday and your offer email every Monday. We do not sell your data to other companies but will occasionally send you a dedicated email about other leisure and entertainment businesses. However - these will be obviously incredibly witty and beautiful to look at.


We specialise in working with local leisure and entertainment venues. Our offers and venues are regularly updated every month - variety is the spice of life don’t you know? Our commitment is to bring you the best offers at the best venues and the most interesting ideas for your leisure and entertainment time. What are you waiting for? Subscribe today and get your good times. See what we did there!?


The Good Time Guide is a privately owned business run by a collective of locally minded, super cool (honest), food obsessed, and passionate individuals. We are also the team behind the very successful www.TheGuide2Surrey.com. We love everything local.


Save hundreds of pounds at the best leisure and entertainment venues in Surrey.

Sign up to The Good Time Guide and start saving today for just £9.99 per year that's just 84p a month!.

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