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If time and money were no object, what would you do with yours? Well, we have a few ideas to help you out.

When you subscribe to The Good Time Guide, we will provide you with two key services for the following 12 months.

Firstly we will send you The Good Time Guide Offer Card. A glorious small rectangular card that fits inside your wallet. This card will give you access to all of the money saving deals that we have on this website. These offers will help you save money while eating out, having drinks with friends, watching a film or show, getting a new hair style, staying at a hotel or enjoying a great family day out. 

In addition to the many offers you be provided with, we will send you The Good Time Guide Weekly, a seven day guide to going out in Surrey.



  • 100’s of money saving offers each month throughout Surrey.
  • Minimum offer discount 20%.
  • Simple to use.
  • Offers emailed to you every Monday so you can plan your week.
  • Weekly email guide providing you with the best entertainment ideas for your week.

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