Nestled atop the charming Guildford High Street, Amor Amora is a tranquil independent cafe that offers customers a unique, idyllic experience and cuisine of the highest quality. Amor Amora pride themselves with only serving organic or locally-sourced products, from artisan suppliers that share the same commitment to quality and excellence.

Customers are guaranteed a unique and personal experience, whether enjoying a glass of wine and warm sunshine or one of the special coffees and teas in the distinctively decorated cafe.

Amor Amora proves itself to be the ideal spot in Guildford for small, relaxed gatherings or gastronomes who delight in the taste and quality of fresh food as much as we do.

Opening Hours

Monday: 9:30 am till 6:00 pm 

Tuesday to Saturday: 9:30 am till late

 Sunday: 10:00 am till 6:00 pm


Visit - 176 High Street, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 3HW

Call - 01483 504932

Go To - http://www.amoramora.co.uk/

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